Xbox Refund Policy 2022

Xbox Refund Policy

Xbox Refund Policy; Gaming is a fantastic pastime, but sometimes you have to send something back. Perhaps you purchased a game with the hopes that it would be fantastic, but it fell short of your expectations.

You might demand a refund in such a situation, however, the procedure varies from platform to platform.

Today, we’ll discuss Xbox Refund Policy and items you purchased directly from Microsoft, such as those found in the Xbox Store.

Xbox Refund Policy

What is Xbox’s Refund Policy?

Xbox doesn’t have a blanket return policy that covers all of its items. While some of their products are subject to returns and refunds, some are not.

Physical things that you purchased, like boxed software or an Xbox controller, are frequently returnable.

On the other hand, unless exceptional circumstances, such as state law, come into play, digital products, such as games, apps, DLC, or subscriptions, are typically not refundable.

The most comprehensive information about Microsoft’s return policy may be found in the Microsoft Terms of Sale.

However, Microsoft will credit you the full amount of the goods, excluding the original shipping and handling fees, if you do have a product that qualifies for a return and refund.

A refund is typically handled three to five business days after Microsoft receives your returned item. If you do receive a refund, it will be put toward the original payment method that you chose.

How to Request a Refund for an Xbox Game

The Xbox game itself is one of the most popular things for which a gamer could request a refund. Sadly, this process is more difficult than most individuals would want.

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It depends on whether you purchased a hard or digital game from Microsoft. A physical game is simple to return for a refund to Microsoft: just include the entire package.

However, the majority of customers purchase physical games from independent retailers like GameStop or Walmart, and if they do, they typically purchase digital games from Microsoft. It might be difficult to return a digital game because, with very few exceptions, all sales are often regarded as final.

You need to take into account the following conditions before you can even ask for a refund for a downloadable Xbox game:

  • You must have a good justification before asking for a refund.
  • Only 14 days after the game’s purchase date are refunds allowed.
  • If you spent more than two hours playing the game across all of your accounts, you cannot request a refund.
  • Only after at least a day has passed from the game’s release date, and you must have downloaded and played it at least once, are refunds possible.
  • There are no refunds for DLC or add-on content.

What qualifies as a legal justification for a digital refund, even? Several instances include:

  • There is an error on your bill.
  • Your error in selecting the incorrect game
  • The game is severely broken or doesn’t function at all.
  • Without your knowledge, someone else used your account to purchase the game.

If your circumstance fits this requirement, go to Microsoft’s Request a Refund Page, locate the item you want to be refunded in your order history, and then request a refund.

This will prompt you to provide pertinent information for Microsoft to consider your refund request.

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Are There Return Exceptions to These Rules?

Microsoft’s return policy may occasionally have special exceptions, but these are often extremely rare. There are no return exceptions to the aforementioned regulations unless you have incredibly unique extenuating circumstances.

Are Xbox Refunds Guaranteed?

No, not as far as digital products go. For a variety of different reasons, Microsoft may decide that your request for a refund is improper.

It’s extremely likely that Microsoft won’t refund your digital purchase if you don’t meet the aforementioned requirements.

Physical things, on the other hand, are only eligible for a refund if they are returned in the same condition that you received them.

Does Xbox Have Free Returns?

Naturally, returning a digital item, such as an Xbox game that was purchased digitally, is free of charge. When you browse your Microsoft account’s order history and request a return for a physical item, you can obtain a repair return shipping label for free.

How Many Refunds Does Xbox Allow?

Xbox does not have a cap on the number of refunds you can request, provided that each one is legitimate. They won’t arbitrarily prevent you from returning items and receiving refunds if they satisfy the requirements for doing so.

How Long do Xbox Refunds Take?

Microsoft typically contacts you through email 72 hours after receiving your physical item or your ticket for the return of a digital item to let you know whether or not your item is eligible for a refund.

Xbox Services and Controllers list

Xbox Controllers are

  • Xbox series X and series S Controller,
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller,
  • Xbox Controller,
  • Xbox 360 controller,
  • Xbox one controller.
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And services provided by the Xbox are

  • Xbox Game Pass cloud Gaming,
  • Content Filter,
  • Xbox Network,
  • Xbox Games Store,
  • Xbox SmartGlass,
  • Xbox Game Pass.


➡ If eligible subscribers can complete the above processes, they will be able to ask Xbox for a refund.

➡ One can ask for a refund by providing a justification for doing so as well as product details to help with the product’s manufacturing process.